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Typesetting, Design and Layout of Books, Catalogs & Directories

We specialize in preparing book-length manuscripts for publication as books, catalogs and directories. Whether you are a book publishing company or a self-publishing individual, we can assist with all phases of getting your book into print.

Super-short run printing of books:
We are now able to offer printing of books in super short-run quantities, down to as few as 25 copies at a time, for very reasonable costs. Books can be printed with full-color covers, are perfect-bound, and trimmed so they have the professional look of books printed by more traditional methods. These ultra short run capabilities are ideal for books with limited distribution, such as:
-Family Histories
-Employee Handbooks or manuals
-Proof copies for editorial review
-Limited quantities for test-marketing













Catalog of selected books/articles we have Published, Designed or Typeset

Samples of books we have published, designed or typeset are available
for your review and/or purchase.

Sample chapters may be downloaded for free, in MS Word, PDF and/or Text/ASCII formats.
Complete copies of the books may be purchased by either ordering "e-books" online, or by phone/fax if you prefer. Complete print editions of books are sold at retail prices plus shipping/handling.
...or, you can save up to 60% off with no handling charges if you order the books as digital files, which are available in MS Word, PDF or Text/ASCII formats.

by Douglas Dunn, Action Strategies for Harmonizing Ethics/Values with Desires/Goals
Selected articles available as free downloads.

by Bob Basso, Ph.D., America's Number One Fun Motivator
I Never Wanted to Set the World on Fire, but Now That I'm 50...

If B.S. Were Concrete, I'd be Route 66
Don't Let the Gerosophers Bite
The Book of Blanks

by Helice Bridges, First Lady of Acknowledgment
Who I Am Makes a Difference

Also available as FREE DOWNLOADS:
Articles by
various authors, on politics, religion, social issues and personal development


Complete Résumé Service

You only get one chance to make a first impression. We bring out the best in you, in an organized, employer-friendly format that is professional (book-quality typesetting) and easy-to-read.


Interpreting and Translation Services

We provide typesetting, book publishing and manuscript preparation in Spanish, including some translation (directly or by contract). Other interpreting and translation services can also be arranged, including American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services for Deaf people.


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