If life were a three-ring circus, Dr. Bob Basso (Ph.D. communications) would need four extra rings.

Bob is a writer, producer, director, business consultant, seminar leader and internationally renowned speaker.

People magazine called him, "America's number one fun-motivator."

President of Light Management Associates, this former award-winning news director for NBC is in constant demand at conventions, development seminars and training programs throughout the world. Bob's creative solutions to issues of business management have helped corporation increase profitability while creating a more positive, upbeat work environment in which workers can have more fun as producitivity skyrockets!

He is also executive director of the International Center for Creative Leadership in Lisbon, Portugal.

Bob is considered the founding father of the humor potential movement, highlighting the healing power of laughter and play in our lives.

He is the author of seven books and is a five-time winner of "The Most Colorful Speaker in America" award.

Books by Bob Basso may be ordered from:

Light Management
Phone: 818/769-9218
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Bob Basso's web page at:

Some of the books by Bob Basso include:
I Never Wanted to Set the World on Fire, But Now That I'm 50 Maybe It's A Good Idea
Don't Let the Gerosofers Bite
If B.S. Were Concrete I'd be Route 66
The Book of Blanks
Descriptions of these books and samples chapters available as free downloads may be found by clicking on the titles. These and other titles by Bob Basso may be ordered from Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com

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