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Moral Aspects of Reproductive Choice
Life begins before fertilization;
both the egg and sperm were alive and of the human species, ergo, human life before fertilization.
To say that all human life is equally sacred, one must be prepared to offer
their proposals for ensuring that no human sperm cell or human egg cell ever die unfertilized.
Menstruation is murder.
Masturbation is genocide.
Includes some hilarious thought questions that will make anti-choice conservatives' heads explode:
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Article is excerpted from book and includes comments section for reader feedback.

Legal and Legislative History and Issues in Reproductive Rights
Roe v. Wade was decided 7-2, not even close, and written by a REPUBLICAN
appointee of Richard Nixon, citing personal liberty and the "intent of the Founders"
since abortion had been legal in all 13 original states for almost 50 years
until Connecticut became the first to outlaw it in 1821:

Article includes comments section for reader feedback.

Judeo-Christian Moral, Religious and Scriptural Aspects of Reproductive Rights
Even though we are a secular nation with separation of state and church/temple/mosque,
for those who claim (without basis) that the Bible opposes abortion,
a well-documented treatise proving that the Bible is 100% PRO CHOICE
(well, at least for the husbands, if not the wives):

Article includes comments section for reader feedback.

Additional Issues in Reproductive Choice
Late-Term Abortion, Parental Consent, Abortion in cases of Rape, and more.
Article includes comments section for reader feedback.

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--Planned Parenthood.
--National Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL).
--Abortion rights guide:
--Californians for Responsible Choices.
--Catholics for Choice.
--Elroy's Abortion Rights Commentary.
A particularly insightful and informative commentary on the subject.

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