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Book Publishing Services for Professionals:

Typesetting, design, layout and assistance with publishing for small publishers and individuals who are self publishing with intent to reach mass markets and general audiences:
-- Full range of printing and publishing resources.
-- Get your book on, Barnes & and other online outlets.
-- Assistance with "Print on Demand" and super-short run editions (as few as one copy, printed and shipped for individual orders) -- let someone else print, package and ship your orders directly to individual customers or book sellers, and just send you the checks!

Memoirs, Life Stories, Autobiographies and targeted audiences--
Book publishing and design for targeted, limited audiences:
-- Write and publish your life story to share with family and loved ones, including book-quality printing and publication in small quantities (as few as 1 copy).
-- Leave your mark on the world as a lasting legacy!

Books from Word Wizards:

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A brief synopsis is given of each selected book.
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PLEASE NOTE: Word Wizards has been involved in publishing and/or typesetting/design/production of numerous books and other communications. We will be adding additional entries as web pages and samples are prepared for each book.

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Douglas Dunn
220 pages paperback
Including index and bibliography

The simple four-step secret for Having It All:

Make desires and values work with each other, not against each other!

Enhance success in Health, Wealth and Romance based on compassionate ethical standards

Find real solutions to social and economic problems

Enjoy cheerful, compassionate feelings of goodwill towards others - without getting taken advantage of

Douglas Dunn
238 pages paperback

From mystery-shrouded caverns deep within the Earth emerges this fantasy encounter between two divergent civilizations: one is rich in technological wonders but plagued by violent terror and social injustice; the other is industrially primitive, but thrives in an advanced, harmonious social order. When the cave people of Enrisa come face to face with the Outside world, both cultures must confront strange new wonders.
Dazhan uses this parable, set in a beautiful fantasy land of fluorescent rainbow caverns, gnarled cave-trees and subterreanean ponds and waterflows to illustrate the personal and social applications of the principles of Extro-Dynamics, with entertaining models and
examples of how it works.



Betrayal of Jesus
Davis D. Danizier
182 pages paperback

Bible Study like they never taught you in Sunday School!
  • How did the renegade "apostle" Paul betray Jesus and create a modern Christianity that is the polar opposite of what Jesus taught?
  • Hundreds of direct Bible contradictions
  • Does the Bible Command RAPE by soldiers as spoils of war? Permit premarital sex?
  • Is "Traditional Marriage" in the Bible really "one man and one woman" -- or one man and multiple women, in arranged marriages, who are of the same ethnicity and over whom he has "dominion" as with his livestock or other chattel property?
  • An inside look at Catholic and Mormon rituals, history and special problems



I Never Wanted to Set the World on Fire... But Now That I'm 50, Maybe It's a Good Idea
by Bob Basso, Ph.D.
America's Number One Fun Motivator

Don't be fooled into thinking life is a mystical search for meaning. Life is only one instant of consciousness. If you use it wisely, it's enough.

Paradise is not a place. It's an idea.

Fifty is learning you've been flying without a parachute all along.


If B.S. Were Concrete I'd Be Route 66
Confessions of an American Speaker
by Bob Basso, Ph.D.
America's Number One Fun Motivator

Laughter, tears, thoughtful reflections about life and loads of naughty fun - each chapter is a real-life adventure from the experiences of one of America's premier inspirational, motivational and humorous speakers, known as America's Number One Fun Motivator, as profiled in People magazine.


Don't Let the Gerosofers Bite
by Bob Basso, Ph.D.
America's Number One Fun Motivator

An inspiring, motivating, true-life account of one family's upbeat celebration of life - how one son set out to beat the grim reaper with humor, by one of the nation's premier motivational speakers.

Detailed information and ordering page along with sample chapters to download is now being prepared and will follow soon.


The Book of Blanks
by Bob Basso, Ph.D.
America's Number One Fun Motivator

This is Me. Who Are You? The Ultimate Interview Game.

The ultimate fun way to get to know yourself ... and others, like you've never known before. Do it alone, with a special one-on-one, or liven up any party!


Who I Am Makes A Difference
by Helice Bridges (First Lady of Acknowledgment)
141 pages paperback

A collection of true-life stories that connect people heart-to-heart and ignite the Human Spirit, from the founder of the non-profit
Difference Makers International and one of the most inspirational contributors to the #1 New York Times Bestseller Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Detailed information and ordering page with sample chapters to download is now being prepared and will follow soon.

Please also note that many of the above titles may also be found on (and ordered from) other online resources for buying books such as:

Barnes and Noble and as well as other retail bookstores

Essays online from selected authors:

Douglas Dunn (on compassionate socioeconomic issues and public policy perspectives):
--Click here for index of free downloadable articles from Douglas Dunn.

Davis D. Danizier -- articles available on Christian theology, mythology and scripture:
-- Bible worship: Bibleolatry.
-- Paul contradicts Jesus: Paul vs. Jesus.
-- Christian human sacrifice mythology: Human Sacrifice Atonement.
-- Christianity and contemporary issues: Contemporary Issues.
-- Unique problems of Catholicism: Catholicism.
-- Unique problems of Mormnism: Mormonism.
-- Is there a God? Is there a god?.

T.F. Barans -- articles available on various aspects of women's reproductive rights:
-- Legal issues and history: Legal Issues.
-- Moral issues: Human Life vs. Human Personhood: Moral Issues of life and personhood.
-- Judeo-Christian views on reproductive rights: Religious views on abortion.
-- Additional issues on reproductive rights: Additional issues on abortion.

Watch for new additions of published books available online,
as we continue to add to and develop this evolving website!

Word Wizards Communications Services
Post Office Box 300721
Escondido, California 92030-0721

Tel: 760/ 781-1227



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